Script Home

Forensic Explorer utilizes Pascal as its scripting language. Scripts are written and run in the Scripts module, or launched in other modules via toolbar buttons or by other scripts.

Default scripts are provided when Forensic Explorer is installed. These include:

  • Backup Settings
  • Chart File Types - Excel
  • Chart Fragmentation - Excel
  • Clear All Flags
  • Discover Cameras and Photos
  • Discover OLE Files
  • Discover PDF Files by Author
  • Duplicate MD5
  • Entropy Analysis
  • Entropy Analysis_Unallocated space
  • Expand Compound Files
  • Export File Types
  • File List - Word
  • Fuzzy Hash
  • GoogleEarth KML Create
  • Hash Files
  • INFO2 finder
  • Shadow Copy Locate
  • Skin Tone Analysis
  • Time Line Chart
  • Triage - File System
  • Verify Devices