FE QTY Product Price
Forensic Explorer (FEX) with Mount Image Pro (MIP)


Shipping world wide by courier

$ 49.95


Maintenance Renewal

FE QTY Product Price
1 Year Maintenance
Renewal for Forensic Explorer + Mount Image Pro

$ 495.00

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» Download Full Version

Download the Forensic Explorer full version (dongle activation only) here.
Mount Image Pro is available for download at www.mountimage.com

» Dongle Shipping & Activation

You will be shipped a Wibu Codemeter USB hardware dongle. Courier tracking is provided.
The dongle contains an activation key for Forensic Explorer and Mount Image Pro.
Shipping excludes destination taxes, customs duties or tariffs.

» Maintenance

Your purchase includes 12 months maintenance and support from the date of purchase.
Current maintenance provides access to the latest version (no major version release fees!).
Additional maintenance can be purchased and applied to your dongle. It is added from the date that the previous maintenance expired.

» Can I purchase via forensic re-seller?

Yes. Contact a partner, or contact sales@getdata.com for additional re-sellers near your location.

» Can I use a purchase order?

Companies can place a purchase order (PO) by using the "Purchase Order" option in the shopping cart checkout. An order reference number will then be provided. A copy of your PO paperwork containing our purchase order reference number can be sent to sales@getdata.com (the fastest method) or faxed or mailed to:

GetData Sales Australia
Suite 204, 13A Montgomery St
Kogarah NSW Australia 2217
Phone: +61 2 8208-6053
Fax: +61 2 9580-8447
Email: sales@getdata.com

Note: Government agencies or approved commercial organizations can finalize payment on 30 day terms. Other organizations will require full payment either by credit card or wire transfer before product is shipped.

» Education Pricing Education Pricing

Student pricing of $695 per license is available to students or educators who participate in a recognized tertiary computer forensics course. Access education pricing here.

University lab setup pricing is available here.

» Get a 90 day Full Dongle...

90 Day Dongle

Forensic Explorer 90 day dongle.

  • Purchase a 90 day full version dongle, shipped to you by courier, $249.95;
  • Choose to purchase in the future and $249.95 is deducted from the purchase price.

Get a 90 day Dongle here

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