FEX-Triage is a portable (run from USB) computer forensics field-analysis tool. FEX-Triage has been designed for use by:

  • Investigators with limited computer forensics training (basic mode);
  • Forensic examiners for field and forensic lab use (intermediate and advanced modes).

FEX-Triage uses customize-able search profiles that can reduce any complex task to a single click. Default profiles include:

  • Search for and report the presence of child abuse material
  • Export selected files to L01 or to Disk
  • Registry analysis (e.g. user information and usage information)
  • Internet browser and chat history
  • Windows Thumbnails
  • Locate and extract email messages and attachments

User Guide: FEX-Triage User Guide.pdf


19 May 2020 FEX-Triage ZIP