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Updating a Wibu Codemeter Dongle

An internet connection is required:

  1. Remove any other Wibu dongles from the computer, e.g. EnCase, FTK.
  2. Insert your Forensic Explorer Wibu CodeMeter dongle.
  3. Run the GetData LicenseManager.exe (located in the FEX install folder or download LicenseManger.exe here).

» To Apply a New License to a Blank Dongle

  • With your Forensic Explorer dongle inserted and visible in the left hand Dongles column of the License Manager, click the ADD button.

  • Dongle with both FEX + MIP licenses

  • In the Search window, enter the license key, in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and click the Search button (the License Manager uses port 443 to connect with the activation server).
  • The License Manager will then communicate with the GetData activation server to locate your license. Available licenses will be listed.
  • Selected the required license from the list and click the Apply button.

  • Dongle with both licenses

  • The License Manager will now communicate with the dongle and write the license to it. The Debug Log will report the status.
  • Returning to the License Manager main screen, you should now see your license listed.
  • Adding a Forensic Explorer (FEX) key will automatically add Mount Image Pro (MIP) and Forensic Image Converter (FIC).

  • Dongle with both licenses

  • Adding a Forensic Explorer license will automatically add a Mount Image Pro license to the dongle.

» Extend Maintenance


  • DO NOT DELETE existing licenses from the dongle. Maintenance is added to the dongle.
  • A maintenance renewal has a separate license key sent at the time of purchase.

In the License Manager GUI:

  1. In the left column (Dongles tab) click on the picture of the Wibu Dongle (identified by the serial number).

  2. Dongle Maintenance

  3. Click the Add button to open the Search window.
  4. Search for the maintenance renewal license key. The 'Available' licenses should be 1 or more.

  5. Dongle Maintenance

  6. Click the Apply button to write the new maintenance date to the dongle.
  7. The updated dongle maintenance date should now be shown in the License Manager main screen.

Adding a Forensic Explorer (FEX) key will automatically update Mount Image Pro (MIP) and Forensic Image Converter (FIC) licenses.

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