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The beta version enables testing of updates not yet available on the main download page:

Version 4 (dongle required)
Release Candidate23 Nov 2017v4.1.0.6716Download V4
Debug23 Nov 2017v4.1.0.6717Download V4 Debug

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Artifacts Module (New)

  • Browser artifacts (browsing history, bookmarks, cookies etc.)
  • Chat artifacts (Kik, Line, MessageMe, Skype, Tinder, Viber, Whatsapp etc.)
  • Mobile artifacts (Call logs, Contacts, Maps, Notes, SMS, Voice Memos, Wifi, etc.)
  • Operating System artifacts (Prefetch, Wifi)
  • Global Regex keyword search of artifact results


  • Added user Custom Byte Carve
  • Improved carve speed and accuracy of numerous file types
  • Added carve file types, including artifact and browser files

Compound File Expansion

  • Added support for RAR files

Disk View

  • Added GoTo Byte option

Evidence Module

  • Add Folder button
  • Add Remote button
  • Drag and drop support improved for adding images and files


  • Recover deleted PST messages


  • Bitlocker support added (key required)

Export Data

  • Export data to ZIP file

File Type Support

Added/improved support for signature/carving of file types, including:

  • 7Z
  • CINE
  • Cookies
  • DynamicDictionary
  • HDPhoto
  • JSON
  • MKV (including video keyframe extraction)
  • OLE (including access to unallocated OLE fragments)
  • PList
  • SQLite
  • UTF16
  • UTF8
  • XML

Gallery View

  • Blur options added to Gallery, Display and Reporting
  • Display of additional file types
  • Hotkey bookmarking to bookmark categories added
  • Thumbnail Cache speed improved
  • Thumbnail now displays bookmarked category number


  • Auto feedback option added to Forensic Explorer drop down menu
  • Backup icons moved to global toolbar
  • Category Graph updated
  • Explorer Tool - Now continuously records last 100 folders accessed in tree.
  • GUI improvements for improved layout space
  • Keyboard shortcuts improved
  • Processing window can now be fully docked
  • Screen layout options moved to main Forensic Explorer drop down menu
  • Text Typing Filter renamed to Column Filter.
  • Added a custom layout file
  • User details can now be exported to VCF contact file


  • Differential, Fuzzy and PhotoDNA Hash options added
  • Search for ‘Almost Identical Files’ (Fuzzy)
  • Search for ‘Visually Similar Graphics’ (Differential)

Hash Sets

  • Added Hash Sets

Image Support

  • AFF4 image file support added

Index Search

  • DTSearch version update


  • Adult website keyword lists added

Live Boot

  • Live Boot of MAC computers
  • Support for MAC user account password bypass
  • Improved support for booting write blocked physical drives using FEX and MIP v6.2.0.1774

Project VIC

  • Project VIC model 1.2 and 1.3 support including source file export


  • Console log output window update
  • ‘iTunes Identify and Bookmark’ improved to support new iTunes format
  • ‘Folder and File Name Search’ regex search improved
  • Local variable display added (basic)
  • Multi-unit support for scripting

Signature Analysis

  • Custom Signature search added
  • Signature analysis improved for artifact files


  • Triage speed improved


  • Keyboard shortcuts improved

» Learn about the Debug Version

Debug Error Reporting

The debug version contains an error reporting component. The purpose of this component is to generate an error report which will isolate the problem and point our programmers directly to the problem code. To assist in identifying an error, please repeat your steps replicate the error. If the error is captured, the screen below will appear. Click the "send debug report" button to send by email, or "save debug report" to save it and send as a file:

Debug Report

Enter your contact information in the screen provided:

Contact Information

In the description, please detail your activity immediately prior to the error. Include any information that you think is pertinent to identifying the error:


If relevant, include a screen shot showing where the error took place:

Screen Shot

The debug software should then create a new email message ready to be sent containing the report as an attachment (Microsoft Outlook is shown below). The destination address is

Outlook Email

If you are not able to send the report by email, please save the debug file and then manually send it to If it is easier to send a screen shot of the debug report, the most important screen is the "call stacks" tab, shown below:

Call Stacks

It is possible that the error is associated with the image file or device that you are currently investigating. If we think this is the case, we may ask you to download a standard test image to determine if it is possible to recreate the error.